Most Common Complaints and Errors in Windows

Windows activation is the process of registering the operating system and making it legal. If the activation is not done within the specified time period, then some features of the operating system are disabled. Moreover, if the activation period expires then you will not be able to update your system with the recent updates from Microsoft. If you have not activated Win during the installation process, then you can do it manually as well. To activate Win, open ‘Windows Activation’ and then click ‘Click here to activate Windows now’. You might face certain problems while activating Win on your PC which hamper the smooth installation of the operating system.

If you cannot find the key, then look for it on the installation disc in the Windows package. If you still cannot locate it, then you might have to buy a new package. Without entering the product key you will not be able to activate Windows.The error “Invalid key” can occur if you have mistyped the product key, or the key does not match the Win version installed on your PC

This error occurs if you are trying to activate Windows on more than one computer. Windows cannot be activated on more computers than the number specified in the Microsoft Software License Terms. You can seek professional help to know on how many computers Win can be activated. This message is displayed if the activation period of Win has expired. Every operating system comes with a time frame by which it has to be activated failing which it cannot be loaded on a PC. So is the case with Win. You need to seek professional help to troubleshoot this problem.

This error occurs if you are using a key for an upgraded version of Win and its previous version has not been installed on your PC. To install an upgraded version, you need to have Windows installed on your PC. This error also occurs if the drive is formatted before installing Windows

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